Joie Fatale

Bio: I'm a born and raised geeky rebel! My dad has been buying my siblings and I comic books since we were old enough to look at the pictures. Star Wars are a huge feature of my earliest memories, as well as Star Trek, X-Men, My Little Pony, old monster movies, Shane, and Count Chocula! I’m still waiting on either my powers of the Force, or my mutant power to manifest! I love books, sociology, punk music, ska music, comics, anime, cartoons, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV, and pop culture in general! I am a sociology major, and I have always found it interesting how pop culture influences and reflects society, and what norms it pushes for/agains; the assumptions made and what ideals it places on society, and what has/hasn’t changed over the years. I’m currently working on getting healthy: for life, and that will be my focus for 2014! My goal is to get to a healthy point and “reward” myself by cosplaying!!! Sadly I have only cosplayed once (I am a bit shy IRL), but, this upcoming year, I am working on breaking out of my shell. My blog--Confessions of a Book Pimp--is basically where I will be chronicling my challenge to break out!

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